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Mackenzie Schmidt
June 27, 2017 12:53 PM

It’s tough to be a Canadian TV host when your show is all aboot fixing up a heh-oose.

The Property Brothers may seem all-American now, but fans of HGTV’s famous twins know Drew and Jonathan Scott were born and raised in Canada — it explains their lumberjack-ian looks (they’re well over 6 feet) and Jonathan’s proclivity for plaid. But these days the realtor-contractor duo rarely slip into their native tongue, but dontcha know that wasn’t always the case.

While trying to find work as a young actor in Vancouver, where many American shows film, Drew admits he struggled to pass for a Yankee. “One of the issues I had is a lot of U.S. shows coming to shoot there . . . they said, ‘You’re a great actor but I can still hear the Canadian-isms,’ and I needed to not have that,” he tells the Times Colonist.

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While his brother Jonathan didn’t have the same struggle working as a mostly silent magician, he knows the words that give him away as a Canuck: “The funny words that you watch out for are ‘tomorrow’ which sounds like ‘tah-more-oh,’ or ‘about,’ he says. Another example: “The word ‘been,’ Americans say ‘bin’ but Canadians say ‘bee-n.'”

While the Scotts’ parents still spend time north of the border (their dad, who emigrated to Canada in his teens, actually has a Scottish brogue!), the brothers are firmly on U.S. soil. In addition to a family compound they share in Las Vegas, Drew has a new home with fiancée Linda Phan in Los Angeles that the pair are fixing up for a forthcoming HGTV series, Drew’s Honeymoon House.

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