Mackenzie Schmidt
October 27, 2016 08:45 AM

Jessica Alba has been dubbed the next Martha Stewart by a lot of people (including us), but when she comes face to face with the woman herself, the Honest Company founder brushes off the comparison.

“I just don’t know if you could ever fill those shoes, and I think it would be silly for anyone to try and do something that’s been so well done,” she told PEOPLE at Stewart’s fifth annual American Made Summit in New York City. She also posed a question that she’s clearly already asked herself: “If anyone wants to start something, what are they going to do that’s different?”

Having expanded her line of safe baby products to include everything from household cleaners to beauty products, Alba and Stewart are already competitors in several categories. But, they might just have one more (friendly) rivalry ahead.

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“I could see an Honest hotel,” Alba reveals when asked what other business she’d be keen to get into. Even Martha hasn’t ventured into the world of hospitality . . . at least not yet.

“We’ve broached it, but we haven’t done it,” Stewart says conspiratorially. And she already has one confirmed guest!

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“I would stay at that hotel, by the way,” Alba says, proposing that she could see a Martha hotel being right at home in California’s Napa Valley. Stewart, for her part, proposes Maine, where she already has a sprawling country home, frequented by celebrity guests including Jessica Biel and Brendan Fraser.

And would the elder lifestyle maven stay at Alba’s proposed establishment? “Of course I would!” Stewart says.

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