Megan Stein
October 28, 2016 11:04 AM

America is making Halloween great again.

This year’s campaign trail has been nontraditional to say the least, with an abundance of memes stemming from each debate. But Twitter isn’t the only place voters are poking fun at the current candidates — enthusiastic (and artistic) citizens are also immortalizing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s most memorable moments via impressive political pumpkins.

Although #Trumpkins seem to be particularly popular, there’s no shortage of Clinton-inspired carvings making the rounds on social media. Regardless of whom you support, any Halloween enthusiast can appreciate the genius of these spirited displays.

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Clinton and Trump have gone under the knife of these clever carvers, but only the impending election can tell who will officially come out on top. Until then enjoy the tricks, treats and impending “bad hombre” costumes that will no doubt be everywhere this Halloween.

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