Jessica Fecteau
May 08, 2017 01:07 PM

When we first heard Einstein Bros. Bagels released a caffeinated bagel creation, the carb and coffee lover inside all of us jumped with joy — and confusion.

Sure, there’s coffee-flavored ice cream, cake and even yogurt, but how would combining two breakfast staples into one taste? The results are in.

Although the Espresso Buzz Bagels contain only about a third of the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee (32 mg vs. 95 mg), according to PEOPLE staffers, the coffee taste was very strong.

“It tastes like I just ate a mouthful of coffee grains,” said one reporter, while another didn’t like the after taste.

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After trying them again with cream cheese, the flavor was a little less in-your-face but you could still understand the point that you are eating a food that is a time-saver more than anything else. No more having to eat and drink both your coffee and bagel in the morning—because who has time for that?

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To celebrate the launch, Einstein Bros. has decided nurses are just a few of those people who could use a one-two-punch combo when it comes to fueling up with caffeine and eating a carb-filled breakfast at the same time. For National Nurse Week (May 6 to 12), any nurse who stops by a participating store on May 11 can enjoy a free Espresso Buzz bagel and schmear when they are wearing their scrubs or show an ID.

A nurse or not — we highly recommend giving this weird new trend a try.

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