Ana Calderone
March 07, 2016 11:45 AM

Gwyneth Paltrow is all about living a healthy lifestyle. So when she launched her new organic skincare line, it should come as no shock that the products we’re natural enough to eat.

“All the preservatives are food-grade preservatives, organic food-grade,” Paltrow told Jimmy Fallon of her goop by Juice Beauty line on the Tonight Show on Friday night. “So you could eat it technically if you wanted to.”

Fallon wanted to find out exactly what it would be like to eat high-end night cream — so he whipped out McDonald’s French fries for dunking. Doesn’t get more organic than that, right?

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“Not bad, not bad! Better on your face probably,” he proclaims after the pair dig in.

So you don’t have to try this at home and waste your hard-earned money (the stuff is not exactly cheap!) Paltrow summed up exactly what we’d imagine it’d taste like: “Somewhere between ranch and bath soap,” she says with a laugh.

The lifestyle guru—who worked on the line for “13 months non-stop, back and forth with the chemists”—also went on to explain why she decided to go into the beauty business.

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“I couldn’t find products that were luxurious and really effective and helped with you know wrinkles and all that, that were organic,” said. “So I’m very into healthy food and wellness and I think this is an extension of trying to eat well.”

Bon appetit!

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