Maria Yagoda
April 27, 2016 02:18 PM

The last thing we want to be is dramatic, but this is the most insane fact you will ever learn in your entire life.

Apparently, we’ve been approaching chopsticks all wrong. For years, we’ve assumed that they were connected at the end for the sole purpose of ripping them apart when you’re ready to dig into our lo mein, but it turns out the block on the end is meant to be used as a resting table for the two chopsticks.

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Twitter user neo-bort posted a picture of her discovery, which has since received thousands of retweets. She told Mic that she found the photo on Behance.

“The fluted design in the tail of the tooth pick is a very old Japanese traditional design which can help breaking the end easily,” the description reads on Behance. “The separated end is design for keeping the toothpick untouched to the table and hope the user reuse the same toothpick again.”

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Honestly, this discovery changes everything. Never again will we wonder where to neatly rest our chopsticks while we take a 5 second eating hiatus to sip our beers.

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Now we have the perfect excuse to order delivery tonight to test this out. For science!

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