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12 Thanksgiving Pinterest Fails to Be Thankful for


Source: Santinaaz/Instagram

It’s not truly Thanksgiving until you totally mess up the dish you were supposed to bring. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

From Oreo turkeys (just stop!) to people trying way too hard to make fruit look like the Thanksgiving bird, take solace in knowing there’s thousands of #PinterestFails all over the Internet.

To save you the search, we’ve rounded up our favorite fails just in time for Turkey Day.

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1. The things that happen when you try to be healthy on the most indulgent day of the year.

2. We’re not even sure where this one went wrong.

Nailed it!!! 😳 #pinterestfail #sweetpotato #cookingfail

A post shared by Nikole Correia (@nikniksd) on

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3. Next time we suggest you just stick to making a pie instead.

#pinterestfail #turkey #itried #laughing

A post shared by The Fearless Survivor (@coachaprilk) on

4. Again, Oreos were clearly not made to be transformed into turkeys.

Turkey prep…#pinterestfail

A post shared by Deb Spokony Archambault (@debarch) on

5. Presentation is lacking, but these cinnamon roll turkeys still look delicious.

6. “Yes, that is a spoon I chucked at the failures,” writes this Instagram user.

#pinterestfail Yes, that is the spoon I chucked at the failures. 😠😠😠 stupid turkeys

A post shared by Shannon Wilson (@shannonnic25) on

7. When the turkey is scarier than you thought it’d be this year.

#pinterestfail #turkey

A post shared by Lauren Baggett (@baggeln) on

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8. “Not bad” is right!

9. We’d guess no one could make these Rice Krispie treats look as good as the photo.

10. Another sign fruit does not belong on the Thanksgiving table.

My poor attempt at apple turkeys. Forgot the beaks. Any other fun holiday snacks?

A post shared by Renee (@reneeharts) on

11. It’s the thought that counts, right?

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take… #pinterestfail #fall

A post shared by Kevin Aries (@kevaries35) on

12. This Instagram user might want to leave the salted caramel apple snickers cake to the professionals next time.