Jessica Fecteau
October 20, 2016 06:50 AM

For those who cannot wait any longer for season two of Stranger Things to premiere in 2017, Netflix has debuted a somewhat bizarre way to hold you over.

On Tuesday, the streaming service unveiled a series called Netflix Kitchen on YouTube, with two step-by-step recipe videos inspired by the show. Of course, they were both set to very creepy soundtracks.

If you haven’t already lost your appetite from the amount of goo and slime in the eight episodes of the first season, then you might just enjoy their two featured recipes. Sadly, though, neither chocolate pudding nor Eggo waffles make an appearance.

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First up is a Demogorgon Pie that looks like a science project gone wrong. For those who don’t watch the show — which also makes it the perfect talking point for your upcoming Halloween party.

The pie features detailed and intricate almond petals surrounding the cherry pumpkin pie, that we highly suggest trying to bring to Thanksgiving this year in lieu of the traditional dessert.

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The second recipe is for Barb fans everywhere (R.I.P.). The French Onion Barb is a soup that honors a great friend and responsible high schooler than her friend Nancy should have never left behind.

This one requires a bit more artistic skill, with a dough shaped like Barb’s face replacing the more traditional crouton in the classic soup. While it looks delicious, it is sure to give us all nightmares tonight.

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