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Rumor Has It That Shake Shack Could Soon Have a Very Exciting New Menu Item

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Next week, New York’s wildly popular fast food chain Shake Shack – known for their juicy, melt-in-your-mouth burgers – will release their very own cookbook. Inside those hotly anticipated pages lies a teaser for a menu item that could be coming to a Shack near you: chicken tenders.

On page 161 of the cookbook, under the section titled “The Taste of Things to Come,” – which lets readers in on how new menu items are developed – there’s a photo of some seriously mouthwatering “chicken bites,” along with a recipe farther along in the book.

If you love their chicken sandwiches, you’re in luck: According to the recipe, the tenders are made in the same way as that sandwich, but the chicken breast is cut into smaller, bite size pieces.

omfg shake shack teases chicken TENDERS in new COOKBOOK 🐓🍗🦅 #eater #eaterny

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Although the text acknowledges that, “Chicken tenders are universally applauded,” it also tells readers that “they’re not at all Shacks yet” – meaning even though you can try their recipe for yourself at home, you can’t get the real thing at your local Shack – at least not yet.

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Eater reached out to find out if the tenders are available at any location of the chain in case you were thinking about tracking them down for a taste, but, contrary to what the book says, they aren’t available anywhere yet. He did give us fast food devotees a glimmer of hope though, writing “You never know what’ll happen down the line!”

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