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Jessica Fecteau and Mackenzie Schmidt
October 26, 2016 11:48 AM

Every great baker has to start somewhere, and for Sarah Michelle Gellar, her early days came with a bit of ribbing from her actor-turned-chef husband Freddie Prinze Jr.

Though she now owns her own culinary business, the actress says she was better at ordering out when she was younger.

“[Freddie] always used to tease me,” Gellar told PEOPLE at Martha Stewart‘s annual American Made Summit in New York City. “I’m from New York — I ordered delivery. Before there was Instacart, before there was Postmates, there was delivery. There was not a restaurant in New York City that didn’t deliver.”

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Now, the mom-of-two says she is getting rightfully “cocky” about her cooking after co-founding Foodstirs — a company that specializes in baking mixes and kits that are contain non-GMO and organic ingredients.

“Now it’s the reverse. He’s like, ‘I’m not making dinner. You can do it. You’re the expert now,'” she says.

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Gellar says it was her husband’s culinary skills who first inspired her to also start a new career in the kitchen.

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“For me, my husband had gone to culinary school so I used to leave that all to him and we realized that we were missing this great opportunity,” she says. “It was about connecting and about making it easy. Baking can be really intimidating, especially because it’s scientific. So people can use what little time they have to make something great.”

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