Shay Spence
October 12, 2016 01:28 PM

Top Chef‘s Richard Blais is known for his scientific, modernist approach to cooking, so it’s no surprise that his take on apple pie probably looks a lot different from your grandmother’s.

In the PEOPLE Food video above, Blais shows how he makes the fall staple with whipped yogurt and cheddar cheese. “Yogurt and cheddar cheese with apple pie?! It sounds disgusting and bizarre!” he admits before schooling us all about our misguided preconceived notions.

And while his kitchen creativity certainly has our minds blown (just check out his Twitter feed!), the most impressive part of this dish is how quickly he throws it together, and without a recipe.

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While most apple pies take hours to make from scratch, Blais’ deconstructed version can be thrown together in mere minutes. Simply dice up a couple apples, leaving the skins on, and sauté in a healthy amount of butter with mulling or apple pie spices (nutmeg, cinnamon and clove do the trick). Cook down until the butter is browned and the apples are softened.

When the apples are done, transfer to a bowl and top with granola to replicate a crunch pie crust, cilantro stems (another wildcard ingredient), and finally the whipped yogurt and shaved cheddar cheese. Trust us — we tried it, and it’s delicious.

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