Alex Heigl
May 04, 2016 02:44 PM

WATCH THIS: How to Make Star Wars Cookies 


May the 4th is a day of rejoicing for Star Wars fans. It’s a day of donning appropriate T-shirts, re-watching the films (and TV series) loudly blaring the soundtrack and making so, so many puns.

It’s also about Star Wars food. And puns, again. (There are so many puns.) Anyway, back to the food. Here are some of the best Star Wars-related food-stagrams we could find out there today to help you celebrate. And be sure to watch  out tomorrow — it’s the revenge of the fifth.

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First of all, RIP voice of Admiral Ackbar voice actor Erik Bauersfeld. Second of all, please note how the Starbucks logo has been turned into Queen Amidala here. Good stuff.

Four words: Star Wars beer steins. Just don’t use the Force under the influence (… of the dark side).

BB-8 is almost too cute to eat. Almost.

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So sinister. And so, so delicious.

Really good stuff here, Blue Moon. Just some high-quality punning.


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Fun fact: A lil’ cream cheese Stormtrooper and Wheat Thins is actually part of the hospitality package in the honeymoon suite at the Death Star.

Heh-heh… A-steak-ens. Mmm … steak puns. Mmm… steak.

Has anyone said, “May the fondant be with you?” Anyone? … Bueller?

The only thing that could actually make BB-8 cuter is if he were coated in icing.

This one feels like a liiiiiiiiitle bit of a cheat, since it’s just a Threepio toy and some dark chocolate muffins, but… we’ll allow it. Because dark chocolate muffins.

Okay, the seared-in R2 and Rebel insignia on the bun: Amazing. But seriously,Obi-Wan aioli? That’s *kisses tips of fingers, opens clenched fingers skywards*.

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