Ana Calderone
June 08, 2017 11:03 AM

The Washington, D.C. bar scene has never been thriving so early in the day.

Huge crowds are lining up to get inside bars and restaurants showing former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday morning.

“On the day of Comey hearings DC bars throw watch parties, serving #covfefe cocktails and Moscow Mule,” one Twitter user posted with a photo of the mile long lines.

BBC journalist Charlie Northcott is documenting the scene inside Shaw’s Tavern, which opened at 9:30 a.m. to offer $5 Russian vodka shots, an “FBI” sandwich (a play on the BLT, it will feature fried chicken, bacon and iceberg lettuce) and an “FBI” breakfast (French toast, bacon and ice cream).

“Not an inch of space here. #ComeyStatement,” wrote Northcott.

“Gasps in the room when Comey says the president lied #ComeyDay,” he soon followed up with a video.

Rob Heim, general manager of Shaw’s Tavern, told PEOPLE he was inspired to host the event after a friend invited him to watch Comey’s testimony over drinks. Since Heim had to work that day, he decided to bring the party to him.

“I remember I was visiting my mom at the time and she said, ‘Who would watch that?’ And I said, ‘In D.C., people would watch it.’ But I was shocked by how much interest we got in just a couple hours,” he said.

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The Partisan restaurant also joined in on the fun with a watch party complete with “TVs tuned into the hearing and sound on full blast” and “The Last Word” and “Drop The Bomb” cocktails.

The highly anticipated congressional hearing—which will confirm that Trump had asked Comey for “total loyalty” and requested that he drop any potential investigations into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn—is currently airing on ABC, CBS and NBC.

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