Lisa Lillien
June 26, 2017 03:17 PM

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Chocolate and strawberries is a perfect combination. There’s something about the mix of tart juiciness and rich cocoa flavor that gets us every time. You know what else goes amazingly well with both of those things? Cheesecake.

Sadly, a slice of chocolate cheesecake loaded with strawberries is going to cost you a boatload of calories (through no fault of those strawberries). But there is another way.

I recently concocted an incredible and healthy chocolate cheesecake dip and since I love stuffing strawberries with decadent filling, this recipe was born! It makes a really terrific ending to a summer dinner — the presentation will totally impress your friends and family.

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Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberries

¼ cup light whipped topping (like Skinny Truwhip or So Delicious Dairy Free CocoWhip! Light)
2 tbsp. fat-free plain Greek yogurt
1½ tbsp. light/reduced-fat cream cheese, room temperature
1 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
1 packet no-calorie sweetener (like Truvia)
¼ tsp. vanilla extract
8 large strawberries
2 tsp. mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

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1. To make the filling, in a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except strawberries and chocolate chips. Mix until smooth and uniform.

2. Slice the stem ends off the strawberries, about ½-inch below the stem, revealing an opening in each berry. Use a narrow spoon to remove about half of the flesh inside each berry, allowing room for filling.

HG Tip: Cut a thin slice off the bottom of each strawberry, so the berries sit flat. Use a grapefruit spoon to scoop out the flesh of the berries.

3. Spoon filling into the bottom corner of a plastic bag, snip off the tip of that corner to create a small hole, and pipe mixture through the hole into the strawberries.

4. Lightly press chocolate chips into the filling.

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Active time: 10 minutes

Nutritional Information (4 stuffed strawberries): 116 calories, 5g total fat (3.5g sat fat), 59mg sodium, 16g carbs, 2.5g fiber, 9.5g sugars, 3.5g protein

‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

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