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You Gonna Eat Your Tots? Burger King Recreated Your Favorite Napoleon Dynamite Scene

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An iconic moment from 2004’s Napoleon Dynamite from is making an on-screen comeback thanks to Burger King.

To announce the return of its cheesy tater tots, the fast food chain has released a commercial featuring Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez (who played Dynamite’s sidekick Pedro), in which the pair reenacts everyone’s favorite scene from the high school cafeteria.

Even without his curly red hair and oversized glasses, Heder falls right back into character, stealing his friend’s tots.

“Whoa, are those cheesy tots?” Heder asks in the commercial, followed by him taking a handful (and the one out of Ramirez’s hand) for himself. His verdict? “Dang it, those are good.”

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Filled with gooey cheddar cheese, it’s no wonder Heder would steal them right from Ramirez’s hand. But get them while they’re hot — Burger King says they’re only available for a limited time.