Ashley Hoffman
April 27, 2017 12:32 PM

A photo of Beyoncé ordering food at a restaurant became an instantly iconic meme overnight.

On Wednesday night, the Lemonade singer took to Instagram to post a mini-photo album of pictures from a night on the town that had everything including her outfit, her accessories, flowers, and fashion photos showing off her baby bump. But most importantly, it had a photo showing the artist speaking to an attentive server while she was pointing to a menu.

The candid photo became instantly iconic as the internet went all meme on it with funny captions that imagined Beyoncé’s instructions for the server.

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Beyoncé just knows her way around the internet. Bless her for elevating the dinner order to an art form and spawning endless hilarious-but-reverent possibilities like most things she does.

See below for a sampling of the best takes.

The original gallery garnered nearly 2 million likes as of Thursday morning. Click through the slides below for the meme-worthy photo. Beyoncé’s twin-pregnancy announcement is now the most liked picture on Instagram.

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