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September 02, 2016 02:25 PM

Regardless of your political leanings, one stance we can likely all unite behind is this: Tacos are a good thing.

That’s why when Donald Trump surrogate Marco Gutierrez — founder of the group Latinos for Trump — gave an ominous warning that if we don’t adopt the Republican presidential candidate’s hard-lined immigration policies, it will lead to “taco trucks on every corner,” people were collectively like “um, amazing.” This sounds like a fairy tale world.

If there were a taco truck on every corner, never again would you waste time pondering “What should I have for lunch today?,” because the answer would always be “dope tacos.” (Note: This magical land technically does already exist, and it’s called Texas.)

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Of course it hasn’t taken long for the hashtag #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner to turn into a life force of its own.

And so, we polled our food-loving staffers on the best taco trucks they’ve encountered in their hometowns and during their travels — and compiled this list of 10 must-try tacos from around the country.

Torchy’s Tacos (Austin, TX)

#fbf #summer16 best taco: The Democrat #atx

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What started out as a single food trailer in central Texas now has 14 locations across the country, and its success is not by luck. If you are a non-Texan who is not familiar with the glory of breakfast tacos, you can’t go wrong with any of their selections — though the Ranch Hand with fajita beef, eggs, cheese and spicy diablo sauce is a personal fave. Oh, and don’t forget the side of queso.

Aztec Dave’s (Chicago, IL)

I call em Aztec Tacos. "A taco a day keeps the bad vibes away." -A great man #TacoSquad #tacos4life #TacoTuesdayonThursday

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Come for the tacos (al pastor is highly recommended), stay for the tortas at this trendy Windy City truck.

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Taceaux Loceaux (New Orleans, LA)

World Famous Taco Loceaux Food Truck

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Tacos get a cajun makeover at this truck in the Big Easy, with local favorites like andouille sausage and gulf shrimp making appearances on the menu — though the most popular taco is the Messin’ with Texas, which boasts brisket, cabbage, and homemade salsa.

Leo’s Taco Truck (Los Angeles, CA)

#Stop. #Trompo time! @LeosTacoTruck @LAist @eaterla @mexicanfoodporn

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Super authentic tacos al pastor (slow roasted pork with pineapple) are the specialty at this west coast spot, which opened in 2010 and has become one of the most wildly popular mobile food trucks in the city.

Tacos Tierra Caliente (Houston, TX)

When it's so authentic it almost hurts 🌮

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Order the barbacoa (slow-braised beef cheek), add avocado. You won’t regret it.

Boka Tako (Richmond, VA)

What's your favorite thing to order from the Boka Tako Truck? #regram @farmersmarketststephens

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The expert order at this place is the Sambal Pork — marinated in a spicy asian sauce — Mexican-style, which includes a habanero-lime vinaigrette and chipotle crema.

Peached Tortilla (Austin, TX)

For obvious reasons, we couldn’t choose just one spot in the Texas capital. This Mexican-Thai mashup truck has a taco that’s stuffed with pad thai, so obviously you need to get in on that action.

Tacos Don Memo (Philadelphia, PA)

Make your way to the City of Brotherly Love and order the carne asada tacos from this so-small-you-could-miss-it truck. For a non-taco option, the Torta Cubana is another fave.

Super Tacos (New York City)

Taco Plasero con Carne. Horchata. Yes, it's a taco with French fries (as well as rice, chilies, onions & beef).

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Another authentic al pastor spot in an unlikely location — Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It’s open super late, so if you ever find yourself stumbling and hungry after a night out in the Big Apple, keep this in mind.

Chela’s (San Antonio, TX)

Ta extrañaba comer tacos 😎

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The city’s large Hispanic population means its got a practically endless list of delicious and authentic taco trucks, trailers, carts and stands — though many of the best ones probably don’t even have a name. This one in particular is exceptional, with the La Costra del Guero — carne asada with white queso on a corn tortilla — being a must-order.

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