Arielle Weg
February 09, 2018 11:58 AM
This story originally appeared on Cooking Light

Valentine’s Day gifts tend to center around two things: Flowers and food. Gifts like strawberries, roses, chocolates, roses, wine, roses, fancy meals, and maybe a single rose to switch things up are traditional—and kind of boring. And though we aren’t complaining (we love ourselves a nice box of chocolates), sometimes you want to give that special someone a special something they’ll truly remember.

If your special someone is a fan of Cooking Light, s/he is probably also a fan of cooking. So here are ten gifts to delight—and surprise—the home cook you adore this Valentine’s Day.

So start your day with a romantic breakfast, and—sure, why not—cook a decadent Valentine’s Day Dinner. Maybe even get some roses. But make the day memorable and close the evening with one of these gifts.

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

These 15 spice blends will inspire any foodie to explore the cuisines of the world. They’ll love trying new flavors, like za’atar spice and herbs de provence, as a gourmet oil and in new dishes., $38

Le-Creuset Cast-Iron Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven

A heart-shaped dutch oven is everything your home cook could want for Valentine’s Day. The cast-iron oven comes in rose, matte white, red, and pomegranate, cooking up potpies, baked desserts, and pasta dishes as a heart-shaped masterpiece., $150-$200

Eiffel Tower Hearts Kitchen Apron

You may not be able to dine overlooking the Eiffel Tower every night, but if your beloved is a Francophile, s/he will treasure this. The simple design features the Eiffel Tower surrounded by pink and red hearts, perfect for a couple who loves to cook., $17.50

Port of Mokha—The Yemen Trilogy

If your lover is a coffee connoisseur, you will impress them with this three-box set of elegant coffee from Yemen. The beans come from some of the rarest and most ancient grounds at high elevations, and the taste is astoundingly complex., $158

Perfectly Paired Mug Gift Set

A mug might seem unoriginal, but this pair is too cute for words. The set spells out a loving message, so you can share your morning coffee together or wherever life takes you. , $28.80

The Date Night Cookbook: Romantic Recipes & Easy Ideas to Inspire from Dawn till Dusk

Don’t just cook together for one evening—make it a regular date! This book is filled with inspiration, and features creative ideas for themed meals, like an indoor tent night, dining in Paris, and a beach date. It may inspire more than just dinner., hardcover $13.50 and Kindle $10

Twist Decanter

For true wine lovers only, aerate your Valentine’s Day wine of choice. The curved glass decanter allows up to half a bottle of wine to breathe, providing the perfect sip for the romantic meal., $30-$50

Passion Journal- Recipe

Every home cook needs a place to make notes of their favorite trys and triumphs. This notebook includes food calendars, food facts, measurements, conversions, and theme-based sections to make notes of recipes. Also try the wine passion journal, for the wonderful wino in your life., $11.50

4ct Valentine’s Red Wine Glass

Gather your girls or your favorite wine-loving couple for an evening of Valentine-inspired drinking. Each glass is engraved with a loving phrase like “Roses are red, so is my wine” and “You had me at merlot.” Throw in these ceramic loving coasters for the perfect set., $36

11-Piece Boxed Bar Set

Give your in-house bartender a complete mixology set, including everything you’ll need to craft elegant cocktails. The 20-ounce mixing glass has recipes printed on the side and the set includes a 40-ounce cocktail pitchers for guests to enjoy., $60

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