Ken Lee
August 01, 2010 02:30 PM

Lindsay Lohan may be trading in her orange Los Angeles County jail jumpsuit for civilian clothing as early as Sunday afternoon.

“Ms. Lohan can be released [early from jail] any time after August 1,” L.A. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore previously said, due to overcrowding issues and good behavior. But as 12:01 a.m. came and went, Lohan was still incarcerated.

And, according to her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, who visited the 24-year-old Sunday, “She’s doing well.”

Upon release, the actress has been ordered to go directly to a rehab center, a source tells PEOPLE, reportedly Morningside Recovery in Orange County, Calif., a high-end residential facility. And while Chapman Holley tells PEOPLE Lohan’s release is “up to the sheriff,” where she heads next is not. “It’s up to the judge,” Chapman Holley says, reiterating, “I’m hoping she will have time to spend with her family before she goes to rehab. She is trying to comply with the court’s orders, but she should be able to have 24 hours at home.”

Once in rehab, Lohan won’t be free to come and go as she pleases and is expected to adhere to a strict regimen of a 7 a.m. wake-up time, chores, counseling sessions and curfew, although recreational activities like surfing, snorkeling, meditation and yoga are offered for some patients at Morningside. It’s unclear if the actress will be assigned a round-the-clock chaperone.

If the actress violates any rules, the court could be notified and the judge could potentially throw her back in jail for violating probation, legal experts say. She likely will be footing the bill for her own treatment, which is estimated to be approximately $10,000 to $15,000 a month, experts add.

Once Lohan completes her three-month stint in rehab, she’ll be subject to random drug and alcohol testing until August 2011, when her probation term ends. The actress is allowed to take certain prescription medications, however.

Reporting by LORENZO BENET

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