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Dahvi Shira
July 06, 2011 12:45 PM

What’s next for Casey Anthony?

After her stunning acquittal Tuesday of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, the Florida mom faces four years in prison on a lesser conviction of lying to police.

Anthony, 25, will learn her fate from Judge Belvin Perry at her sentencing on Thursday. She will have already spent 997 days in the Orange County, Fla., jail, and her time served could be put towards her sentence, along with probation.

“I would be surprised if she doesn’t walk out of the courtroom Thursday,” Atlanta defense lawyer Penny Douglas Furr tells CNN. “She has served so much time already. I don’t think the judge will make her serve any more time. The real question now is: What will she do next.”

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Anthony may then take the route of others who have been involved in high profile legal cases and strike a book or television deal. Because she has been acquitted, she likely will be allowed to pursue these potentially lucrative options.

Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez says her plans are still in the works.

“A lot is up in the air right now. It will become clearer as time goes on,” he says.

Anthony, herself, put some thought into her future. In a letter she wrote from jail, she refers to a book she hopes to write, calling it a “partial memoir/comedy/relationship advice book for those not in the know.”

“It’s a way to settle many rumors and to share my insight about love, life and most important – God,” she explained. “Who knows.”

After many expressed shock in the jury’s decision, prosecutor Jeff Ashton defended his team’s efforts.

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“We were pretty shocked at the verdict,” he said on The View. “We put on everything that an investigation – a really thorough investigation over three years – produced.”

“That’s the way it goes,” he continued. “I think I mouthed ‘wow’ five times … I wouldn’t have been involved in this case if I didn’t think she did it.”

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