Andrea Billups
May 02, 2014 01:10 PM

Two lawmen from the reality show Alaska State Troopers were killed by gunfire as they provided backup to a security guard in the remote Yukon River village of Tanana.

Sgt. Patrick “Scott” Johnson and Trooper Gabriel Rich, members of the Fairbanks Rural Services Unit, died Thursday in what Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell called a “brutal” and “senseless” act.

“These fallen heroes answered the call to serve and protect and made the ultimate sacrifice, while keeping our communities safe,” the governor says.

Johnson and Rich were featured on the program from the National Geographic Channel, CNN reports.

They died after they responded to a call for backup from an unarmed security officer who had reportedly been involved in an alternation with a resident over the sale of a couch, the Alaska Dispatch reports.

A suspect in the shootings, Arvin Kangas, was taken into custody after a long standoff with police, the website reported.

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