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Michele Stueven and K.C. Baker
August 04, 2013 03:00 PM

As Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice and husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice deal with a 39-count fraud indictment, concern now turns to the four innocent victims in the case.

“She may need some help raising those children,” Real Housewives of Miami‘s Lea Black tells PEOPLE. “The consequences may be bigger than anyone would think.”

Black – who admits Teresa “drove me nuts and I was never rooting for her on the show” – nonetheless says her “heart breaks” for the family. “It’s a bad situation for them to be in,” she says. “You don’t kick someone when they’re down. They’ve got four kids, they’re in a lot of trouble and they’re trying to survive.”

Former fellow housewife Jill Zarin, who previously starred in the franchise’s New York series, also feels for the rest of the Giudice brood.

“I feel really bad because I really like Teresa,” she tells PEOPLE. “She is a sweet girl and a good mother. I only want the best for her and her family.”

Zarin, who is scheduled to do an appearance with Teresa on Aug. 23, adds, “I want Teresa to know I’m there for her. I feel like [we’re] Housewives and that we should all support each other in times of need like this.”

But neither Zarin nor Black expresses shock about the Giudice’s situation.

“Reality TV, I’ve always said – brings out the best – and the worst in everybody,” Black said.

Adds Zarin, “Many reality stars are naïve if they think that anything that they’ve done in the past won’t be scrutinized. Being a reality star comes with the good and the bad.”

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