Chris Detrick/The Salt Lake Tribune/AP; Amber Hardman/AP
Mike Fleeman
August 22, 2011 02:45 PM

If nothing else, the still-unexplained move by police to conduct a high-profile search of Nevada mine shafts got Joshua Powell talking again.

The husband of Susan Powell says he worried Utah police scoured Ely, Nev., mine shafts over the weekend to frame him in the 2009 disappearance of his wife Susan Powell, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports.

“It occurred to me they were planting something in Ely so they could magically show it to the media,” said Josh.

Identified as a person of interest in the case, Josh has stopped talking to authorities but says he may be willing to meet with the FBI – for a price.

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“Yeah, if they pay my attorney s fees, and he advises me properly, why wouldn’t I?” he said.

In an unusual move, police in West Valley City, Utah, invited the news media to the search of a mining district outside Ely, located about 230 miles southwest of the missing woman’s hometown.

Although detectives recovered no physical evidence, Sgt. Mike Powell (no relation) said, “Obviously we were able to successfully accomplish our goals.”

What those goals were remained unknown. He declined to say how the investigation was helped. He also wouldn’t comment on were they searching for or what the “important” and “credible” new information was that prompted the trip to the desert.

“Are there any new leads that were generated from this?” he said, according to the Deseret News. “At this point, I don’t have an answer for that.”

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