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Gary Giordano's Father: My Son Is Not a Monster

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Courtesy Aruban Public Prosecutor s Office

Gary Giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance of traveling companion Robyn Gardner in Aruba, “is not a monster,” his father said on Tuesday’s Today show.

“The least I can do is stand up for my son and tell the world that what they’ve been hearing about him is not true,” Frank Giordano, 80, said on the NBC program.

Frank Giordano also released family photos of Gary, including some with his three sons (their faces masked for privacy), to display the “other side” of the man he says has been vilified by the press.

“I would like to show the side that shows Gary as a good human being who’s good to his family and good to his friends,” Frank Giordano says. “I know he would not be able to kill someone.”

Frank says his son has been put in isolation so he can’t call or visit him, which has been hard on the family. “His kids miss him the most,” says the elder Giordano. “He’s almost a big kid himself. They love coming over to his house.”

He also says he’d never heard of Gardner, whom Gary met online, before news of this story broke. “The whole situation is strange,” he says. “I don’t know the young lady that we’re talking about. I’ve never met her and I’ve never heard Gary talk about her.”

Aruban authorities will decide this week, possibly as early as Tuesday, whether to hold Giordano, 50, another 60 days. He has not yet been charged with any crime.