Courtesy Camp Verde Marshal s Office
Lorenzo Benet
October 08, 2010 02:20 AM

He just avoided getting zapped with a Taser. And now Raising Sextuplets star Bryan Masche may also escape time behind bars.

The reality show dad, who appeared in an Arizona court Thursday with his attorney, faces domestic violence and resisting arrest charges as a result of a Sept. 11 verbal altercation with his wife and co-star, Jenny.

Each of the four charges – class one misdemeanors – has a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $2,500 fine, as well as mandatory domestic violence counseling.

But Camp Verde, Ariz., town prosecutor Carrie Kelly tells PEOPLE, “These charges don’t mean (mandatory) jail time.”

It’s also unlikely a guilty defendant would serve more than six months in jail even if convicted on all the charges. It s a decision for the court, says Kelly.

Any attempt to resolve the case without a trial was put over until Nov. 4 after Masche was granted a continuance Thursday by an Arizona municipal court magistrate.

Masche’s attorney, Mark Hammond, says he needs more time to prepare his case.

“We haven’t done any investigation or interviewed witnesses,” Hammond tells PEOPLE

All he would say about Masche’s charges is that “no violence was present at all; this was an argument with raised voices.”

Officers responding to a 911 call took Masche into custody, but only after threatening him with a Taser when he resisted being handcuffed, police say. Masche later smiled broadly for his mug shot and was released on $3,500 bail.

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