Courtesy Terry Steinfurth, Jr.
Howard Breuer
September 10, 2013 11:30 AM

Police in Ohio made a grim announcement Tuesday, confirming that remains found last week in the house where Baby Elaina was last seen alive are indeed those of the missing toddler.

Toledo Police Department learned of the DNA test results late Monday and disclosed the information after notifying the toddler’s family and the prosecutor’s office – which indicated last week that more serious charges might now be filed against the girl’s mother, Angela Steinfurth, and her boyfriend, Steven King Jr., who have each pleaded not guilty to obstruction of justice while implicating each other in the crime.

On Friday, King’s mother told local station WNWO that her son told police where to find the remains.

But it remains unclear how the remains turned up Thursday in a computer box in the rafters of a home that had been thoroughly searched by the FBI and police three months earlier.

Angela Steinfurth’s stepfather, Richard Schiewe, told the Toledo Blade that the box was not there earlier. “Somebody went and got that body and put that body up there,” Schiewe said.

Community residents and family members who spent three months searching the East Toledo community for the missing girl refocused their energies after the discovery, organizing a rally on Sunday in which 350 people marched from the local courthouse to the jail, where Steinfurth and King are being held, while shouting “justice for Elaina.”

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