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PHOTO: 40-Year-Old Virgin Actor Re-Enacts Stabbing in Court

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Nick Morris/Southcreek Global/Zuma

The 40-Year-Old Virgin‘s Shelley Malil put on a performance in his own trial.

The actor re-enacted how he stabbed his ex-girlfriend Kendra Beebe more than twenty times at her home in San Marcos, Calif., in what he calls a case of mistaken identity.

Malil, 45, slashed at the air quickly with the knife and said he swung his hands at “a hundred miles per hour” because he thought he was being attacked by Beebe’s male friend, according to NBC San Diego.

“My head was down and I was poking and swinging as hard as I can, looking for space,” Malil said. “Like empty space, I was tumbling, I kept running back into the fence and I kept moving with my arm, and I kept bouncing into things.”

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Malil apologized in court last week for the “chaos” that took place in Aug. 2008. If convicted, the actor faces at least 21 years in prison.