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Mom Mysteriously Vanishes from Hospital Bed

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Two weeks ago, Lynne Spalding, 57, had been losing weight and appeared weak. So on Sept. 19, the mother of two was admitted into the San Francisco General Hospital about 10 blocks from her home.

Spalding was treated for an infection, given medication and checked by nurses regularly. Then, two days later, her bed was empty. She had simply disappeared.

“One would think a hospital bed is one of the safest places you could be,” Spalding family spokesman David Perry tells PEOPLE. “Lynne is an upbeat, lively person and her family’s at a complete loss over her disappearance.”

Perry says the hospital so far has given little information about the details surrounding the case. Rachael Kagan, a hospital spokeswoman, tells PEOPLE the hospital was “unable to confirm her departure” through security video.

“San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is concerned about the whereabouts of Lynne Ford, also known as Lynne Spalding, who left the hospital without being discharged on Saturday, Sept. 21,” the hospital said in a press statement. “Ms. Ford has not been seen since approximately 10:15 a.m. [that day], and is considered a missing person.”

The statement added that her condition had been improving and that she was in “fair condition when she left the hospital shortly after being checked on by a nurse. Fifteen minutes later, the nurse checked on her again, and upon finding her room empty, initiated a search of the hospital.”

The hospital added that an internal investigation is ongoing and that they’re cooperating with the San Francisco Police Department.

Perry adds that Spalding, who worked in hospitality sales, was in good health prior to the infection, but was on medication and appeared “very confused” when last seen by her family in the hospital. She left behind her cell phone and is believed to have only $20 on her person with no credit cards.

Adds Perry: “Her family is worried sick and just wants her home.”

Spalding, a native of England, speaks with a heavy British accent, is 105 lbs., 5’6", with long, dark hair, and is believed to be wearing blue jeans, black boots and a black sweatshirt. Anyone with information on her whereabouts should call San Francisco Police Dispatch at (415) 553 0123 and reference case No. 130796086.