Nicole Weisensee Egan
February 14, 2014 12:30 PM

A 52-year-old Oregon woman was found alive, trapped in a pit in the woods Thursday after spending nearly a week without food and little water in the midst of a fierce snowstorm.

Sharon Ruth Bates, 52, was “weak and dehydrated” but otherwise unhurt, Cpl. Conrad Gagner told the Cottage Grove Sentinel.

He said he’s glad their efforts paid off.

“Yeah it feels good,” Gagner told a Eugene, Ore., TV station. “Truth is I didn t expect to find her alive and we did. You know, it makes me happy.”

Bates told police she went to the woods last Friday for some solitude, got stuck in the pit and couldn’t climb out because it was too slippery. She said she used a plastic bag to collect water to drink.

Bates was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbed.

Police had been looking for her since last Saturday. After her sister told them she liked to climb Mount David – a popular hike and hangout – they searched the area and found her trapped in the crater of an old well, the Sentinel reported.

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