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Conrad Murray on Phone with Girlfriends the Day Michael Jackson Died

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Splash News Online; Abaca

Conrad Murray’s beautiful past and current girlfriends testified at his manslaughter trial Tuesday that they were on the phone with him the day that Michael Jackson died while in his care.

Prosecutors showed call and text logs between the then-married doctor and the women from June 25, 2009, including a call made to Sade Anding, a waitress who met Murray in a Houston steakhouse in 2009.

Anding testified she and Murray were chatting for about five minutes, just short of noon, when she realized that Murray was no longer on the phone and had apparently put the phone in his pocket without hanging up.

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“I said, ‘Hello? Hello?’ ” Anding testified. But, according to earlier testimony, Murray’s next phone call was to Jackson’s personal assistant, alerting him that Jackson had a bad reaction to medication.

Prosecutors allege Murray abandoned Jackson, pumping him full of propofol – a toxic sedative normally used in hospitals for surgeries – and did not watch him or use a breathing monitor that could be heard in the next room. Paramedics and doctors testified Jackson was dead too long for them to be able to revive him.

Other women who testified Monday they communicated with Murray on the day of Jackson’s death were:

• Michelle Bella, who recalled meeting Murray at a club in Las Vegas in 2008 – the year before Jackson died. (She got a text message from him; the other women spoke on the phone.)

• Bridgette Morgan, a Los Angeles-based girlfriend of Murray’s from 2003 to 2009.

• Nicole Alvarez, an actress in TV commercials who shares a son and an apartment with the cardiologist.

Alvarez appeared unfazed by taking the same stand as Murray’s ex loves. She had jurors smirking with her bubbly recollections of meeting Jackson and showing him her baby bump.

“Michael was very interested in the baby,” Alvarez testified. “He saw my stomach grow with the visits.”

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