Courtesy Lori Moore/Facebook
Steve Helling
June 17, 2014 07:30 PM

Lori Moore arrived at her 15-year high school reunion eager to introduce classmates to her new boyfriend, Lance Griffel.

It seemed like it would be a great night: the East Peoria High class of 1999 had selected Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria as their venue. Turnout was high and the bar was full of thirtysomethings in their best dressy casual outfits.

“It was really crowded,” a patron tells PEOPLE. “It was really easy to tell who was there for the reunion, because they came really dressed up. Everyone was hugging each other and telling each other how good they looked. It was really loud, actually, but in a good way.”

But what should have been an evening of fond recollection turned deadly around 8 p.m. That’s when, police say, Lori Moore’s ex-husband, 40-year-old Jason Moore, calmly entered the bar and pulled out a gun, shooting Moore and Griffel in the head, killing them. They both crumpled to the ground as the busy sports bar erupted in chaos.

“I heard a bang, and then another bang,” says the patron. “I couldn’t see the gun, but everyone was screaming and jumping under the table. I was with my husband and we both hit the floor. I was looking at a window and wondering whether to try to smash it and get out. I didn’t know if it was going to be a mass shooting. Everyone was screaming.”

Seconds later, another shot rang out, but it was not from Jason Moore’s gun. According to police, an off-duty FBI agent happened to be in the crowded bar. The unidentified officer drew his gun and shot Moore once in the head, killing him instantly.

According to court records, Lori Moore had filed for divorce from her husband in March of 2013; the marriage was dissolved two months later. They had a son, Kaydin, and a daughter, Callie. A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the children.

It’s unclear what Moore’s intentions were after shooting his ex-wife and her boyfriend, but police speculate that he might have continued shooting other patrons.

“I think it’s pretty clear in his case that the presence of this officer and his ability to take very quick and decisive action prevented a further tragedy,” East Peoria Police Chief Dick Ganschow told the Peoria Journal Star.

When authorities arrived, they took the statements of more than 100 witnesses. “They wanted to know what we saw,” says the patron, “but I don’t think my husband or I were much help. We had our faces covered. It was a terrifying night.”

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