Alexia Fernandez
October 19, 2016 07:49 PM

A man allegedly began choking a 4-month-old baby in a Wal-Mart checkout lane in Overland Park, Kansas on Wednesday after walking up to the baby and her mother.

Quisha Hill said her daughter, Alyssa, was in her car seat when a stranger allegedly walked up to her and said he was taking her baby and that she should call 911.

The incident took place at about 7:23 a.m., according to officer John Lacy who spoke to Fox 4, a local TV station.

Hill told the station that she had stopped at a Wal-Mart she frequents for a few items.

“While I was at the counter top, speaking with the lady and bagging up my groceries, this random man comes out of nowhere and yanks the car seat out of the cart, has my baby, and he’s like, ‘I’m taking the baby, I’m stealing her. I’m taking her. Call 911. Call 911,’ ” she said.

She began screaming for help. A shopper noticed what was occurring and tackled the man, restraining him until officers arrived.

According to Fox 4, the suspect was taken to a medical center to be evaluated. The investigation is ongoing and the suspect is expected to face criminal charges.

Hill’s baby turned red for a few moments after the incident but is expected to be well. The mother added that the suspect appeared to be under the influence, taking the baby’s car seat and placing it over his head as if it were a hat.

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