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Ken Lee
April 22, 2011 04:05 PM

Lindsay Lohan‘s accuser in the case of a $2,500 necklace theft took the stand Friday in a Los Angeles courtroom in a hearing to determine if there’s enough evidence for a trial.

Sofia Kaman testified that Lohan was never given permission to walk off with the necklace from her Venice, Calif., store on Jan. 22, and that Kaman never loaned jewelry to any clients before.

Lohan tried on the necklace and wore it for 15 to 20 minutes before walking out with it. “Her friend [stylist] Patrick [Aufdenkamp] was asking me all kinds of questions so I was distracted,” Kaman said in court.

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Lohan, wearing a black top, a white scarf and blue pants, sat quietly and never spoke during the morning session. Sources close to the actress previously said she believed the jewelry was given to her on loan.

Earlier in the morning, an employee from the store, Tinelli Comsooksri, testified that Lohan, just four days before the alleged theft date, almost walked off with one of the store’s earrings in her ear, which the owner and employee brushed off as an innocent mistake.

But after Lohan walked off with the necklace four days later, Kaman contacted police after the starlet didn’t return the following day as she indicated she would.

Kaman also testified that she was advised by her lawyer to release the surveillance tape of the alleged theft because she was told the videotape was about to be released anyway, presumably by police. Kaman said she never received any money for the video and alleged she was deceived by a publicist working on her behalf.

Kaman added that the necklace’s price tag is the standard markup price in the jewelry industry of three times what the necklace cost to make. Lohan’s attorney has questioned whether the value of the necklace warrants the felony charge.

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