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Howard Breuer and Marla Lehner
February 16, 2012 04:10 PM

Josh Powell will not be buried in the same cemetery where his two sons were laid to rest, according to his mother.

“We have tried so hard to be loving and considerate and respectful in making Josh’s burial arrangements. We love our little Charlie and Braden and want their resting place to be a place of peace and comfort,” Terri Powell said in a statement released Thursday.

“We have made the determination that Josh will not be buried at Woodbine Cemetery, but are in the process of making other arrangements.”

Added Terri: “Thank you to all who have so lovingly supported us in this time of inexpressible anguish. Our hearts go out to all of you who – like us – are reeling with shock and grief.”

On Wednesday it was revealed that Josh’s family was looking at burial plots near the burial spot of Charlie and Braden, who were killed when their father intentionally blew up his house.

The move to bury Josh near his sons angered many, including two police officers who purchased the burial plots on either side of the grave that the two boys are buried in together.

Josh Powell had been named as a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife Susan.

“For [Josh] to be buried near those kids is just unthinkable,” Anne Bremmer, the lawyer of Susan’s parents told the Associated Press on Wednesday. “For god’s sake, for them to lose Susan first, and then the boys, and now this? Just give these people a break.”

Terri Powell divorced Josh’s dad, Steve, when their son was about 16, and she has been living in Utah with Josh’s estranged sister, Jennifer Graves. Terri has been mostly silent during the recent developments involving her son until now.

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