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Hilary Duff's Dad Jailed in Texas

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R. Karnbad/Celebrity Photo

This is no Disney drama!

A divorce hearing between Hilary Duff‘s parents began Wednesday with bickering about her upcoming 21st birthday party – and ended with her dad being lead away in handcuffs.

A Texas judge sentenced her father, Bob Duff, to 10 days in jail for contempt. He was accused of violating a court order prohibiting him from selling assets without the consent of his estranged wife. He spent one night in jail after he posted bail, according to the Houston Press.

As deputies handcuffed her ex, Susan Duff gasped and, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle, said, “This isn’t what I wanted.”

What did she want? The star’s mom was demanding $25,000 to fund a party and gift for Hilary’s 21st birthday on Sept. 28.

“I know he’s a millionaire, and he’s got the funds,” Susan testified earlier. She added that Hilary was “emotionally upset by the abandonment of her father.” (Ultimately the judge ruled that Bob had to hand over $12,500 for the bash.)

It was the latest round in the couple’s acrimonious two-and-a-half-year divorce battle.

Neither Hilary – former star of Disney’s Lizzie McGuire – or her older sister, Haylie, were in the courtroom.