Orange County Jail
Alexia Fernandez
May 17, 2017 07:49 PM

An Ohio father was arrested on charges of child neglect after allegedly leaving his child inside a stroller under the hot Florida sun for hours at the Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Brian Keith Olmstead, 35, of Brunswick, Ohio, was visiting the theme park with his family, but instead went on what witnesses described as a drunken tirade, according to News 6.

Olmstead was using his child’s stroller to cut through crowds at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort on Sunday, the news outlet reports.

Witnesses said he was using racial slurs and calling them names as he pushed the stroller through. Local 10 News reports Disney resort managers received 11 complaints about Olmstead within four hours.

The toddler was badly sunburned throughout the day and was found sitting in its stroller with a soiled diaper, according to CBS 12.

Paramedics told deputies that Olmstead’s child had suffered first-degree burns, while deputies told CBS 12 the burns were purple, which leads them to believe they will turn into second-degree burns.

Olmstead’s wife was at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports attending a cheerleading competition. He was charged with child neglect and posted bond Monday night, according to CBS 12.


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