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Ex-Survivor Producer's Kids Barred from Mom's Memorial

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The children of a reality TV producer will not be allowed to attend a memorial service for their mother Monica Beresford-Redman, who was found dead during a vacation to Mexico, a Los Angeles judge ruled Friday.

According to court records, the children’s father requested they not attend Sunday’s scheduled memorial because of the media attention, and preferred they mourn in a small, quiet, private memorial. The judge agreed with the recommendation of a psychologist and said Camila, 5, and Alec, 3, could not attend.

Beresford-Redman’s sister Jeane Burgos said after the hearing she had hoped the children could go to the memorial for “closure” so they could “understand that it’s okay to grieve but that it’s okay to be happy for the person that their mother was.”

For now, the children will remain under the temporary guardianship of their father Bruce’s parents. Bruce had filed paperwork requesting to resume his parental duties, saying in a declaration: “I am fit and capable to do so.”

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Bruce returned to his Los Angeles home – where his parents and children are living – on Sunday after spending more than in a month in Mexico while authorities investigated. Mexican officials confiscated his passport and it is unclear whether he returned to the U.S. without it.

Despite reports that Mexican law enforcement plan to charge Bruce with first-degree murder, his lawyer Richard G. Hirsch says, “We haven’t heard any credible information about that.”