Howard Breuer
September 29, 2011 02:50 PM

In what must have been a terrifying moment, Paris Jackson – daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson – screamed out for her father as his doctor tried unsuccessfully to revive him on the day he died.

“Paris screamed out, ‘Daddy!’ ” Alberto Alvarez testified on the third day of Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial in Los Angeles. “She was crying.”

Alvarez, whose job it was to go places before Jackson and make sure everything was safe and to the entertainer’s liking, said in court Tuesday he noticed that his boss was lying with his palms up, his eyes slightly open and his mouth agape. There was medical equipment everywhere, including a condom catheter that had drained urine, he said. Dr. Murray was giving chest compressions as he shouted, “Don’t let them see their dad like this.”

Alvarez says he turned to Prince and Paris, who were crying, and said, “‘Kids, don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. Everything’s going to be okay.’ Then I asked Dr. Murray what happened and he said, ‘He had a bad reaction.’ ”

Later Thursday, Jackson’s personal chef, Kai Chase, also testified to the children’s reaction. “The children were crying and screaming and the next thing we did was we started hugging, we held hands and we stared praying,” Chase testified. “We didn t know what was going on but the energy in this house did not feel good.”

Packing Up Propofol

Alvarez says Murray then shifted his focus from giving CPR and asked Alvarez to help pack up medical bottles and equipment.

“He reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and said, ‘Here, put them in the bag,’ ” Alvarez testified.

One of the things he helped pack was an IV bag with a bottle inside. The liquid at the bottom of the bag was milky. Prosecutors say the substance was propofol, a hospital-strength anesthetic that Murray improperly administered, causing the entertainer’s untimely death on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50.

Showing the jury an IV bag and asking if they could see a cut near the bottom, prosecutor David Walgren held up a nearly full, 100-ml propofol bottle. Jackson’s parents and siblings, including Janet Jackson, stared intently. Alvarez testified he recognized the bottle as the one that was in the IV bag.

Then, placing the propofol bottle through the slit into the IV bag, Walgren held it up for the jury to show that the bottle fit. Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson, and sister LaToya smiled.

At the time, Alvarez testified, he thought he was helping the doctor transport necessary equipment to the hospital where Jackson would soon be rushed – not cleaning up a crime scene.

“I believed that Dr. Conrad Murray had the best intentions for Mr. Jackson,” Alvarez testified.

The 911 Call

The prosecutor then played a recording of the 911 call placed by Alvarez. “He’s not responding to anything,” Alvarez told the dispatcher. “He’s not responding to the CPR or anything.”

With paramedics on their way, Alvarez says he watched Murray place a pulse oximeter on Jackson’s finger. Such a device could have alerted Murray that Jackson was having trouble breathing.

LaToya Jackson dabbed at her eyes upon learning that Murray apparently only attached the device once her brother was dead.

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