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Clark Rockefeller: I Miss My Daughter Very Much

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Clark Rockefeller, the controversial figure at the center of a number of criminal investigations – including, most recently, the alleged abduction of his own 7-year-old daughter – is about to shed some light on his mysterious past.

In his first TV interview, to air next Monday and Tuesday on the Today show and in September on Dateline, Rockefeller speaks to Natalie Morales of NBC News about his identity, as well as his daughter and his own origins.

His answers to questions are not always clear, however.

Regarding his bloodlines – given that a genuine member of the Rockefeller oil family has disputed Clark’s claim that he is related – the man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller said, “I really couldn’t tell you. Perhaps at some point we can do a DNA test to really find out.”

He says the Rockefeller name “was given to me by the one person to whom I’ve always looked up to, one person whom I’ve known since I was small.” He adds that he has been advised by his lawyer not to identify that person.

And, although he says he should be called Clark Rockefeller, because that is his name, he does admit, “Well, from what I’ve heard lately, that it might not be. But as far as I know, it’s my name.”

In terms of being related to John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, Clark says, “I never said that, stated that in any specific way, one way or the other.”

Speaks of His Background

According to a joint statement by the FBI, the Suffolk County (Mass.) District Attorney, the Boston Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police, Rockefeller’s real name is Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, and he was born in 1961 in what was then West Germany.

In addition, authorities announced on Aug. 15 that he has been identified as a person of interest in a double-homicide that took place during the mid-’80s in California.

“I believe I grew up in … New York,” Rockefeller, who reportedly has gone by many past aliases, tells Morales. “I’m quite sure I grew up in New York City.”

“What about Germany?” she asks, according to a partial transcript of the interview provided by NBC News.

“I don’t know what to say about this,” he responds. “I – don’t have a particular knowledge of any of that.”

Misses Daughter

As for his daughter Reigh, “I miss her unbelievably much,” he says. “I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I miss her. She is really the love of my life. And – not being with her, not seeing her, not holding her is very, very, very difficult.”

In terms of what his future might hold, “Well, for one thing, I’m – not really thinking about anything in specific in regards to – the case. I can’t predict the future. No one can. But I do think about my little girl every day, every moment I’m awake, the moment I go to sleep I think of her. The moment I wake up I think of her. I wonder what she’s doing and whether life is good for her.”