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Mike Fleeman and Steve Helling
June 23, 2011 03:15 PM

As courtroom observers gasped, Casey Anthony’s mother gave the most powerful testimony of her defense Thursday, saying it was not Casey who searched for "chloroform" on the family computer.

“I searched for chloroform,” said Cindy Anthony, as jurors leaned forward, riveted, in the Orlando courtroom.

“I was searching for ‘chlorophyll’ because I was worried that it might affect my dogs,” Cindy said. “I was worried about them eating bamboo.”

Cindy also sought to explain why such search terms as “chest injuries” appeared on the Anthony family computer before the disappearance of Casey’s 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, who was later found dead.

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“A friend of mine was in a car accident, and I looked up certain injuries,” said Cindy.

She also revealed: “I did not search for neck breaking, but there was a pop up for a YouTube video of a skateboarder doing a ‘neck breaking’ stunt.”

The computer searches were a key part of the prosecution’s case against Casey, who faces the death penalty if convicted in her daughter’s 2008 death.

Under cross-examination, Cindy insisted she made the computer searches despite work records saying she was on the job at the time.

“Is it your testimony that you were home?” asked prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick.

“It’s possible,” said Cindy.

“Were you or weren’t you?”

“I can’t tell you exactly what time I went home,” Cindy replied.

The prosecutor also asked Cindy if her memory is better now that her medication has changed. Cindy said “yes.”

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