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Casey Anthony Verdict: Sheriff Asks Residents to Remain 'Peaceful'

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Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/MCT/Getty

After Casey Anthony’s defense team addressed the public, the prosecution attorneys declined their turn at the microphone. Instead, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demmings had a plea for the community.

“As the verdict has been rendered, we ask our community to respect the decision the jury and court have made today,” Demmings said of the surprising not guilty verdict.

“Historically, there have been other high profile trials that have resulted in civil disobedience. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs about the innocence or guilt of Casey Marie Anthony, that you maintain your peaceful resolve.”

Demmings also instructed those who do not live in the Anthony neighborhood to avoid the area, noting that deputy sheriffs would be patrolling the county “to ensure order and peace are maintained.”

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State Attorney Lawson Lamar also spoke of the Casey Anthony case, which he said was “always about seeking justice for Caylee.” Calling the trial team “world class,” he added that the circumstances of the case kept the prosecution from prevailing.

“With no smoking gun, and a tiny victim who was reduced – by time and the elements – to skeletal remains, those remains lacking in any chemical evidence that could be brought forward, this was a dry bones case,” said Lamar. The prosecution’s case, he added, was, “very, very difficult to prove. The delay in recovering little Caylee’s remains worked to our considerable disadvantage.”

Tomorrow, Lamar said that his homicide teams will return to work on the county’s 140 pending murder cases – 11 of which are child murders.

“Those deaths are no less horrible and needless than that suffered by Caylee Anthony,” he said. “The only difference has been that the news has not highlighted their murders.”

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