Alex Heigl
May 27, 2015 08:40 AM

Walter Rubio was biking in southwest Houston when he made a grisly discovery – a casket.

Rubio came across the casket near a bike trail by Honeywell and South Braeswood roads in the Texas city after it turned up in the wake of a flood that hit the area.

“I was on my bike and when I came, I seen the casket and I got a little scared so I had to go to the main street and get the cops,” Rubio told local ABC affiliate KTRK.

Arriving on the scene, police opened the casket and discovered that it was “occupied.” They suspect rising flood waters unearthed it from the nearby Riceville Cemetery, about 100 yards away.

Though the historic Riceville Cemetery has been in use since 1889, members of Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church believe the casket belongs to a woman who died in February 2007. Authorities are still trying to get a positive ID on the body, though a witness at the scene told police it may belong to her friend, after looking inside.

This isn’t the first body bin to surface unexpectedly this month. In early May, a casket – empty except for a few stray bones – was dumped on a remote street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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