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Stephen M. Silverman
July 18, 2011 06:15 PM

Casey Anthony has pulled off a vanishing act worthy of Houdini.

“I will not confirm if she boarded a plane or flew on her own,” her own defense attorney, Cheney Mason, said Monday on NBC’s Today show. “She’s gone, she’s safe, and elaborate plans had to be made to keep the people away from her.”

Released from the Orange County Booking and Release Center in Orlando, Fla., shortly after midnight Sunday, Casey Anthony, 25, wearing clothes her attorneys had selected for her, was escorted by police into a gray SUV, which drove off past an angry crowd and into the hot, humid Florida night.

From there, reports have quoted sources as saying Casey boarded a private jet at the Orlando Executive Airport at approximately 3 a.m. Sunday. Beyond that, details are non-existent to speculative, at best.

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Anthony was acquitted July 5 on the charges of the 2008 murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

According to the attorney for Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, a request came from Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, asking the couple to pose as media decoys so Casey could safely exit the jail – a request that was refused, reports ABC News.

On Sunday, the Anthonys’ lawyer, Mark Lippman, told Jane Velez-Mitchell of Headline News, “Last night we got a call from Mr. Baez … he had wanted to use my clients as decoys for the media and I, of course, did not agree with that and neither did my clients.”

Lippman added that, to his mind, the plan was in no way viable. He said, “One, it was risky at best, and two, just in my opinion, something that would not be beneficial to anybody.”

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Baez also said that Casey is safe at an undisclosed location, according to Lippman.

Lippman said that Cindy and her daughter remain estranged. Between the time of her verdict and release, Cindy wished to visit Casey in jail, only to be refused admittance.

As for Casey’s parents being in the dark as to their daughter’s whereabouts, Lippman said, “It’s our strong suspicion that she’s no longer in Orlando. Mr. Baez had said that their intent was to leave Orlando immediately … I have no idea.”

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