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Burglars Arrested After Instagramming $120 Worth of Carl's Jr. Food: Cops

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Put out another "dumb criminals" alert – police arrested four suspected thieves after the men posted Instagram photos of a $120 Carl’s Jr. splurge, allegedly financed with stolen credit cards.

Tavion Spignor, Leroy Jackson and Malek Morgan, alongside an unnamed underage accomplice, were arrested Nov. 11, two days after they allegedly broke into four cars in two Rocklin, Calif., parking lots and stealing wallets and GPS units.

From there, the foursome allegedly stopped off at a local Carl’s Jr. drive-thru, where they racked up a $120 bill on a credit card stolen from one of the cars.

The unusually large fast-food order caught the attention of a Carl’s Jr. employee, who wrote down the suspects’ license plate.

Another snapped an Instagram photo of the receipt, which led to the discovery of another Instagram photo taken by the juvenile suspect, which showed the men posing with their bounty of burgers.

When the police, tipped off by the original owner of the credit card, visited the fast-food franchise, cracking the case was easy as pie (which is not served at Carl’s Jr. locations).

“I’m glad we caught them, Sgt. Scott Horrillo told the Sacramento Bee.

“Sometimes, technology acts in our favor; sometimes, it doesn’t. This time it did.”

In case you’re curious, the Bee has the full rundown of the mammoth drive-thru order: “five $6 burgers, five orange creme shakes, three barbeque chicken quesadillas, one bacon Swiss chicken sandwich, two double western sandwiches, two orders of fried zucchini, six orders of cross-cut fries, two teriyaki burgers, with added bacon, two barbeque chicken sandwiches, with added bacon, five southwest chicken tacos, with added sour cream.”

At least they ate well.

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