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Ken Lee
October 23, 2008 08:00 AM

Britney Spears‘s victory in her misdemeanor driving-without-a-license trial this week “closes a chapter on her past troubles,” her lawyer Michael Flanagan tells PEOPLE.

“It marks a turnaround for her. This case was a thorn in her side for more than a year, a reminder of the bad old days,” he said. “She’s thrilled the court system, for once, worked in her favor.”

The trial – which heard only one day of witness testimony – failed to convince a jury that Spears broke the law by driving without a California license, stemming from a 2007 fender-bender. It ended Tuesday in a hung jury, 10-2 in favor of her innocence, and a dismissal of the case.

Said jury foreman Gary Moy, 45, “There were lots of questions about lack of evidence, whether Spears had a Louisiana license or not, what the definition of residency was. We felt we were never given all the facts in the case.”

Spears’s father, Jamie, provided key testimony that his daughter had a Louisiana license on the day in question, and that she considers that state her permanent home.

Father’s Guidance

Following her two forced hospitalizations last January, the singer remains under legal control of her father until a Dec. 31 hearing.

“Her father is doing a sensational job for her,” Flanagan says. “And with his guidance, she’s really gotten her life together.”

Her exoneration tops a growing list of personal victories: Spears has gained significant visitation with her sons after losing all custody earlier this year, won three VMA awards in September, and has a new album, Circus, due out on Dec. 22 (her 27th birthday).

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