Whittle/Splash News Online
Ken Lee
February 20, 2009 02:25 PM

A bench warrant was issued Friday by a Malibu, Calif., court for Redmond O’Neal, the troubled son of actor Ryan O’Neal.

“He didn’t show up for court this morning, so the judge issued a bench warrant for him,” said L.A. District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison.

However, the warrant was held over to March 25, allowing O’Neal a chance to explain why he didn’t show. His lawyer wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Redmond O’Neal, 24, was arrested Sept. 17 for possession of methamphetamines along with his father, Ryan, 67, in the actor’s Malibu home during a probation sweep.

The younger O’Neal has a history of drug abuse and entered rehab in 2004 for heroin use. Last June, he pleaded guilty to drug possession and one misdemeanor DUI charge.

On Jan. 9, his father pleaded guilty to felony drug possession and agreed to enter an 18-month drug diversion program.

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