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Bench Warrant Issued for Deadliest Catch Star Jake Harris


Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris is now among the hunted.

Harris failed to appear at a hearing Wednesday in his reckless driving case “so the court issued a bench warrant for his arrest,” King County, Wash., prosecutor spokesman Dan Donohoe tells PEOPLE. The bail amount on the warrant is $500.

“Jake just made a mistake on his scheduling,” his attorney, Ed Ritter, told PEOPLE on Wednesday. “We plan on going in [Thursday] at 2 p.m. to clear it all up.”

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Harris, 24, whose father Capt. Phil Harris died from complications of a stroke on Feb. 9, has been formally charged with reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. If convicted, he faces a maximum of a year and three months in jail.

A memorial to honor Phil Harris is planned for the second annual Deadliest Catch fanfest, known as CatchCon, in Seattle on April 30.