Courtesy Terry Steinfurth, Jr.
Howard Breuer
September 06, 2013 03:45 PM

After searching for three months for Baby Elaina across East Toledo and along the Maumee River, police said Friday that they have discovered human remains in the home where the missing toddler was last seen alive with her mother.

While serving a search warrant Thursday afternoon at the home where the 19-month old had been staying with her mother, Angela Steinfurth, and the mother’s boyfriend, Steven King, police say they found a computer box containing “immature human remains” in the rafters of an attached garage, next to other boxes.

“We found what we believe may be Baby Elaina,” says Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs.

He said it might take a few days to definitively identify the remains. An autopsy was set for Friday.

Elaina was reported missing after her father – Angela Steinfurth’s estranged husband, Terry Steinfurth Jr. – went to King’s house on June 2 to pick her up. After spending several minutes inside the house, Angela Steinfurth ran into the street yelling, “They took my baby!” several sources have said.

On Friday, Steinfurth Jr. told PEOPLE he’s struggling with a range of emotions, including frustration that the remains didn’t turn up during previous searches of the house.

“I’m upset with the whole situation and really don t know how to feel right now,” Steinfurth tells PEOPLE.

Diggs insisted that police “didn’t drop the ball,” by not finding the remains sooner and that the investigation was stymied by false leads.

“We had a lot of deception taking place being told to us by a variety of sources in the community,” Diggs said.

Angela Steinfurth’s stepfather, Richard Schiewe, told the Toledo Blade the computer box was not in the rafters during initial searches of the house. “Somebody went and got that body and put that body up there,” Schiewe said.

The discovery came after King spent several hours talking with detectives, but police wouldn’t say whether King told them where to find the remains.

Attorneys for King and Angela Steinfurth did not return calls Friday seeking comment.

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