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Ariel Castro's Daughter: My Father 'Is Dead to Me'

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The daughter of Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro won’t be visiting him in jail – or having anything else to do with him at all, dubbing him a “demonic criminal.”

As for when she heard the news about what allegedly went on in Ariel Castro’s house, she “just wanted to die.”

Angie Gregg calls her father, who is accused of holding three women captive in his home for nearly a decade, “evil.” She says their relationship is over as Castro faces charges of rape and kidnapping in the gruesome case that continues to send shockwaves throughout the country. He is currently being held on $8 million bail.

“He is dead to me,” Gregg, overcome with emotion, said in a CNN interview late Thursday. “There will be no visits no phone calls. He can never be Daddy again. I have no sympathy for the man.”

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She added: “I wonder this whole time, how he could be so good to us, but he took young women, little girls, someone else’s babies, away from these families and over the years never felt enough guilt to just give up and let them free.”

Despite the mountain of grisly details that have come to light after her father’s arrest this week, Gregg, who lived with Castro for years, described him as friendly, caring and doting on her and her siblings. She said he never abused her but repeatedly beat her mother, who last year passed away from brain cancer.

“I’ve seen him basically stomp on her like she was a man,” Gregg said of the violence. Her mother finally had enough and left.

Over the years, Gregg would visit her and said she should have seen the signs that something was amiss when she occasionally stopped by his house. Castro would appear in a window when she arrived and hold up a hand for her to wait, Gregg said.

She also noted he kept his basement locked and made her enter the home through a back door. He played loud music and when Gregg asked to see her childhood room upstairs, he told her it was too messy for her to peek in.

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“If we’d be out at my grandmas having dinner, he would disappear for an hour and come back,” she said. “Everything is making sense now. It’s all adding up. I am disgusted. I am horrified.”

There were more clues. Castro would never take overnight trips when he came to visit Gregg in Indiana, where she later lived with her own family. He’d leave early in the morning and return that night. When she saw a photo of a little girl on his cell phone, he told her it was his girlfriend’s child, but Gregg says she wondered if Castro had indeed fathered a child out of wedlock, so much so that she asked him to take a paternity test.

Gregg, who is devastated by the tragedy, asked that people understand that just because her father acted like a monster, her family is decent and grieves over the ordeal the three women endured.

“My father’s actions are not a reflection of everyone in the family,” Gregg said. “They definitely are not a reflection of myself or my children. We don’t have monster in our blood.”

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