San Diego Sheriff's Department/AP
Cathy Free and Maggie Coughlan
August 11, 2013 12:00 PM

After a massive six-day manhunt that eventually reached into the Idaho wilderness, Hannah Anderson was found safe on Saturday after allegedly being abducted by James Lee DiMaggio.

DiMaggio, who was killed during an arrest attempt by an FBI tactical agent, is suspected of killing Hannah’s mother, 44-year-old Christina Anderson, and 8-year-old brother, Ethan Anderson. Hannah’s grandmother (and Christina’s mother) Sara Britt tells PEOPLE that finding the teen was “exactly what we hoped and prayed for.”

“She’s coming home, and that’s all that’s been in our thoughts this whole time. Now we take the time to grieve for Ethan – ‘Little E’ – and Tina,” she said Saturday. “We had to focus on Hannah to get her home. Thank the Lord, the country’s prayers and thoughts have been amazing.”

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With the 16-year-old heading home, Britt and Hannah’s other grandmother, Bernice Anderson, are focused on Hannah’s needs.

“We thought if she had familiar clothing like her gymnastic pants, she would feel more comfortable. I put in her pink ball cap signed by Jimmy Johnson the NASCAR race driver, her gymnastics slacks, a favorite T-shirt. And her favorite teddy bear is going along for the ride. She’s had that bear since she was a little girl. And I put in all of female essentials, of course, like her makeup and nail polish. She’ll have clothes for three or four days, whatever it takes,” Britt said.

Hannah’s father, Brett Anderson, will head to Idaho Sunday to see his daughter.

“We ll see her when she comes back to San Diego and we’ll have a small celebration with the grandparents and the dad. It all depends on Hannah wants and her state of mind. It will be a private thing, at first,” Britt said. “I don’t know if Hannah knows what transpired with her mom and Ethan. We just don’t know.”

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